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Covid 19 - Spring/Summer Update

"Social distancing" dance lessons have been difficult to imagine, but so is not finishing our Spring session and not dancing at all this summer. Plus, I miss your kiddos and dance so much!

So what can we do? Hopefully we can continue to move forward in accordance with the phased re-openings in VA and safely find a new normal that includes dance and gathering in some capacity. Of course keeping everyone safe and healthy is our top priority. 

So where does PDS stand? What is our plan?

1. We are going to take a break from Zoom for a few weeks. I don't know about your family, but we are experiencing some serious Zoom fatigue around here and I don't think we are alone in that. I also need time to plan a whole new way to conduct classes...and to completely disinfect the studio space in the event that is where we are able to conduct classes. 

2. Summer classes have been scheduled and published. June 8th through July 17th. It looks a lot like the Spring session with a few classes combined and a few added. Your children have already been assigned their classes from the Spring. Please keep an eye out for an email with your child's class day and time. Some adjustments needed to be made for size, some classes were split and just a few kids were moved to another class time slot.  Please let me know if that change does not work and we can adjust.

3. Whether those classes will take place inside the studio or outside, or a mix of both is yet to be determined. Either way, class size will be limited to 8 students. They will have a designated dance spot spaced appropriately and some additional accomodations will be made in how we conduct class like sticker books, spotting, not forming lines, etc., that will hopefully limit close contact and exposure. We also ask families to "drop and go". We have alotted time between classes to escort the children in and out of the building and time to wipe things down.  We ask that you don't wait in the lobby.  We will be leaving the studio doors open to the lobby and we will always have a teacher and assistant on hand, in case someone needs to step out.  

4. There is no additional tuition for those families that paid in full as this will be the remainder of classes missed due to COVID-19. If your family still had a balance, similarly, this will be the remainder of classes and we will extend the payment plan until the conclusion of the session. If there is a hardship and tuition can not be made, please email the office and we will work with you. 

5. Costumes and recital. Costumes that have been paid for in full or partially paid for, will most likely receive a credit or a costume... eventually. Whatever the costume companies decide to do will go directly to the families. I have a feeling they will be offering a credit, but that's just my feeling.I do not have my hopes up for a refund...but we can all hope for the best. 

We look forward to getting back to dance class as soon and as safe as possible.  We hope you know that we are doing everything we can to find a reasonable and sustainable solution. Feel free to call or email me with any questions you might have.  Hope you are all enjoying this time with your families and staying safe and healthy!

Ms. Jenn

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"This was our first year in dance class and we had a great experience. Very friendly staff and really organized. My daughter is 4 and was shy at first but by the end of the first month she LOVED the class. We were very pleased with recital and overall experience. We look forward to starting again in the Fall."


"Progressions has been a wonderful experience for our daughter. Ms. Jenn doesn’t just teach your child to dance. She teaches her students to follow directions, work as a team and to always keep trying. We are so happy we chose PDS for our daughter."


"This is the perfect place to start dance at any age. Thank you progressions for the past three years in helping me mold my daughter into who she is today. She is proud of who she is! And you all are a big part of that! Thank you again and good luck with everything in the future."


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