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Preschool Classes

Our 30 and 45 minute classes for our youngest dancers. These classes are structured and organized to help your child learn and grow is so many ways. Learing how to follow directions, participating in a group activity as well as coordination, musicality and creativity.

A ballet based class for our tiniest Ballerinas.  We use imagery, songs and props to introduce our dancers to the foundations of Ballet.

Twinkle Toes

30 minutes

A ballet based class for our older preschoolers. This class is designed to introduce the dancers to the foundations of Ballet in an age appropriate atmosphere. 

Creative Movement

45 minutes

A fun and upbeat way to introduce our preschoolers to Musical Theater. 

Props, singing and movement are all incorporated into this class.

Broadway Babies

30 minutes

A fun and exciting introduction to various styles of Hip Hop designed to engage our littlest Hip Hoppers. 

Hippity Hop

30 minutes

A sassy and fun way for your little dance diva to express themselves while gaining exposer to the fundamentals of Jazz technique. 

Snazzy Jazzy

30 minutes

A great introduction to tumbling and gyymnastics while building strength, flexibility and coordination. 

Mighty Mights

30 minutes